Spring Festival


The 2015 VSO SPRING FESTIVAL focuses on the music of the greatest composer who ever lived, and one of history’s greatest creative geniuses: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 

Beginning with the Oscar®-winning film Amadeus, MOZART PLUS explores the music of this extraordinary composer, and the writings of some of the many composers who were influenced by his miraculous music. 

Maestro Bramwell Tovey and the VSO lead us through Mozart’s life and career, starting with two very different explorations of the apocryphal legend of Salieri’s poisoning of Mozart; we hear Mozart’s three last, great symphonies; an aria from Don Giovanni; one of Mozart’s great Serenades; funeral music written for Mozart’s Masonic Lodge; and his last composition, the Requiem — an unfinished work that lay at Mozart’s bedside as he died a tragically-early death at the age of 36. 

Along the way, we also explore the results of Richard Strauss’s life-long worship of Mozart as a “god of composition” in his treatment of the story of Don Juan, also the subject of Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni; Tchaikovsky’s commemoration of the 100th anniversary of that same Mozart opera; the intertwined music and history of Haydn, Brahms and Mozart; and Rimsky-Korsakov’s operatic take on the legend of Mozart and Salieri. 

Join Maestro Tovey and the VSO for SPRINGFEST 2015: MOZART PLUS. 

Please call VSO Customer Service at 604.876.3434 to order your Festival Pass. You can buy each individual concert online by clicking through to those individual concerts.

Want to know more about the life of this fascinating composer? 

Join us for Mozart Unveiled: Meet the Master of Classicism on
Saturday Apr 11, 4:00–6:30 pm at the VSO School of Music!
Two centuries after Mozart’s death his music remains as vibrant as when it was first composed, transcending time and place.  This  fascinating presentation by VSO violist Angela Schneider uses slides, recordings and videos to explore Mozart’s life and his musical development in the context of Eighteenth Century Europe.  We separate fact from fiction as we look at his relationship with an impossibly demanding father, the mythology surrounding his "mysterious" death and relationship with Salieri and why he is considered perhaps the greatest composer who ever lived. 

Fee: $57 (A 25% discount on a VSO SpringFest Mozart concert is included.)

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Spring Festival


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