February 5-14, 2021


Gustav Mahler was the last master of the grand romantic symphonic tradition. Championed by the likes of Leonard Bernstein and Theodor Adorno, Mahler’s music is all consuming. Static yet violent, trite yet profound, he held a Janus-like role perched between romanticism and modernism. He adored the tradition of Mozart, Beethoven and Bruckner yet was a friend and supporter of Schoenberg’s avant-garde circle. If Mahler’s name means nothing to you then come and join Maestro Tausk and the Orchestra in this two weeks-long exploration of perhaps the greatest symphonist to put pen to paper. Featuring amazing guest artists including Matthias Goerne, Hélène Grimaud, and Michael Schade, the festival covers Mahler’s grandest symphonic visions, passionate chamber music, and composer pairings that illustrate Mahler’s inspirations and enduring influence.

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