VSO Administration


Angela Elster, President & CEO
Mehgan Atchison, Executive Assistant


Finance & Administration

Mary-Ann Moir, CPA, CA, Vice-President, Finance & Administration
Debra Marcus, Director, Information Technology & Human Resources
Diane Chen Liu, Accountant
Hedi Noroozi, Payroll and Accounts Payable Clerk
Bonnie Lam, Payroll Clerk
Amanda Silva, Applications & Systems Specialist


Marketing, Sales & Customer Service

Natasha McEwen, Senior Marketing Manager
Katherine Houang, Group Sales, Gift Shop & Volunteer Manager, Special Ticket Services Manager
Kenneth Livingstone, Database Manager
Caitlin Chow, Assistant Gift Shop Manager
Rana Zokai, Digital Content Administrator
Christopher Young, Marketing Assistant
Jennifer Lee, Allegro Editor
Jason Ho, Box Office Manager
Taylor Beaumont, Box Office Manager & Front of House Coordinator
Minji Son, Box Office Captain
Charlie Bailey, Customer Service Representative
Emma Newton, Customer Service Representative
Jiyun Kim, Customer Service Representative
Kathryn Johnston, Customer Service Representative
Monique Rodrigues, Customer Service Representative
Nilsa NilliCustomer Service Representative

Seamus Fera, 
Customer Service Representative
Takumi Hayashi, Customer Service Representative


Production & Operations

Christopher Sprague, Vice President Production & Operations / Executive Producer, Digital Content
Misha Aster, Artistic Advisor
Georgina Morales, Artistic Administrator
Minella F. LacsonMusic Librarian

Alex Clark,  Assistant Music Librarian / Video Director
Sabine GranouxProduction Manager
Aaron McDonald, Interim Artistic Administrator


Education & Community Engagement

Christin Reardon MacLellan, Director, Education & Community Programs (Ken and Patricia Shields Chair)
Yvanna Mycyk, Co-Manager, School and Family Programs
Jodi Mason, Co-Manager VSO Education



Leanne Davis, Vice-President, Chief Development Officer
Mary Butterfield, Director, Individual & Legacy Giving
Jason Hulbert, Manager, Corporate Programs
Paris Simons, Manager, Grants and Foundations
Kyle Tiney,
Director, Annual Giving
Mia Riley, Development Administrator & Analyst