Angela Schneider, Viola

Professors Mr. and Mrs. Ngou Kang Chair

Angela Schneider grew up surrounded by classical music and decided viola was her instrument at an early age. She played viola with the Vancouver Youth Orchestra and the National Youth Orchestra.

After high school, Angela went to Germany to study with world renowned performers including Bruno Giuranna and Sandor Végh in Detmold, Düsseldorf and Cornwall. She earned her Masters of Music at the Aachen Hochschule für Musik, with a minor in History, during which time she was also a member of the Rheinisches String Quartet and the Aachen Symphony Orchestra. This was followed by two years as Principal Viola of the Essen Volkwang Chamber Orchestra.

After close to a decade abroad, Angela returned to Vancouver to join the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Despite a busy teaching schedule, she completed a degree with honors in Internet Publishing in 2001 and continued studying history – focusing on the relatively new field of culinary history.

Angela teaches Music Appreciation classes at the VSO Music School, teaches Culinary History Classes and is a popular Destination and Enrichment speaker on cruise ships.
Angela’s proudest achievement was raising her wonderful son, Matti Schneider, who is now successful computer programmer.