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12 Girls Band

12 Girls Band

Established in 2001, Twelve Girls Band is a unique Chinese folk music group, inspired by the art of Yue Fang, the female ensemble that played in the royal courts of the Tang Dynasty (618 to 907 C.E.). From thousands of auditions, producer Wang Xiao Jing (the father of Chinese rock music) brought together twelve young virtuosos who played ancient Chinese instruments. The Twelve Girls Band, a leader in popularizing Chinese folk music around the world, has thrived by performing modern music with Chinese traditional musical elements.


Performance Introduction:

Twelve Girls Band is a chart-topping all-female music group, whose members are much-admired musical ambassadors of Chinese music. By perfectly combining traditional Chinese folk instruments – such as yangqin (hammered dulcimer), dizi (transverse flute), xiao (vertical flute), erhu (Chinese fiddle), pipa (pear-shaped lute), and guzheng (zither) – with modern pop music elements including Latin, jazz, and rock, the band creates a musical feast with a focus on Oriental Rhymes and Western Charm. Adding the latest high-tech sound, lighting and staging elevate the live performances to a high-powered showcase full of enjoyment.


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