Da-Wei Chan


Da-Wei Chan


Eleven year old violinist Da-Wei from Surrey, BC, started his musical journey 6 years ago under the expert tutelage of Carla Birston, one of Lower Mainland’s most successful strings pedagogues.  The violin has always had a special place in his heart.  Coming from a family of musicians, there is always music making in the home along with his mother on the piano and brother on the cello.

Da-Wei is currently a student at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music.  Being a student at the VSO School of Music, Da-Wei has had the opportunity to work with many world renowned artists including Angelo Xiang-Yu, Nicola Benedetti, Karen Gomyo, the Australian String Quartet and most recently with Ray Chen.   VSO SoM also provides the unique opportunity for Da-Wei to work closely with and being mentored by musicians from the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Aside from his musical life, Da-Wei is known as a happy-go-lucky, outgoing kid to everyone he meets.  If he’s not vigorously practicing, Da-Wei is usually found playing soccer with his best friends or desperately striving to beat his brother in Forza on the family Xbox.  Addicted to the zest of spicy foods, Da-Wei is well known at home for his amazing feats in consuming the spiciest of dishes and a particularly “spicy” personality to follow suit.

Da-Wei’s performances are exciting to watch and can best be described as musical, fiery and virtuosic.  Winning the Junior Division of the 2018 Future of Excellence Concerto Competition gives Da-Wei an opportunity to make his orchestra debut with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra this coming spring playing the exciting 3rd movement of the Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1.