Nobuyuki Nakajima


Nobuyuki Nakajima


Nobuyuki Nakajima is Japanese musician, composer, pianist, arranger based in Paris. Noted not only for his masterful piano, but also for his talent of composing and arranger of elegant and thrilling ensembles, based on the impressive depth and variety of his musical literacy.

He has composed original soundtracks for japanese TVseries such as the NHK Taiga drama « Yae no Sakura » (nominated for the 42nd International Emmy Awards, Drama Series), also his original composition of films  « The Fallen Angel » directed by Genjiro Arato,  « The Mourner » directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi and « Tamayura » animation directed by Junichi Sato.

In recent years, Nobuyuki NAKAJIMA participate Jane Birkin's world tours (sings Serge Gainsbourg "Via Japan") as musical director, arranger and pianist (over 70 concerts in 27 countries 2011-2013). Since 2016, he also joined her world tour  (Paris, NYC, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Monaco…) « Gainsbourg Symphonique » as the musical director, orchestral arranger & pianist.

Jane Birkin’s new album « Birkin/Gainsbourg: Le symphonique » orchestrated by Nobuyuki NAKAJIMA has also released by Warner France in 2017.

He has been released several albums so far, that is « ETE, Palma » « Passacaille » « Melancolia » « Cancellare », also « Clair-obscur » in 2014 and « Broken Blossoms » in 2015.

Live in Paris since autumn 2017.