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Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra

Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra

The Vancouver Youth Symphony has a long, proud history in Vancouver, dating back to 1930. An amateur flautist named R. Cyril Haworth was the prime mover in forming the "Vancouver Little Symphony", first under the direction of the students themselves and later, under the baton of it's first Music Director, Mr. George Coutts. Mr. Coutts was known to be "one of the very best", "a fun kind of chap" and a Scottish trained, all round musician with talent and generosity as a community leader.

The orchestra thrived and in 1938, the ensemble became an "educational project" of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the name was changed to "Vancouver Junior Symphony Orchestra". In 1945 the group was reorganized as independent and became the "Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra". Today, the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra is a dynamic, independent organization that is recognized throughout Greater Vancouver for its very fine, multi level orchestral training programme.

VYSO musicians continue to proudly represent Vancouver locally, nationally and internationally. Many former VYSO musicians have gone on to acclaimed musical careers and there is never a shortage of current young VYSO musicians following in their paths.

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