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Paul Lee, born in Seoul, South Korea, is currently completing his Bachelors of Music in Composition at the University of British Columbia. His previous musical life includes playing oboe and English horn for the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Vancouver Academy Symphony Orchestra, the UBC Concert Wind Ensemble, and the UBC Symphony Orchestra. He has studied composition with Dr. Stephen Chatman at UBC, Dr. Chan Hing-Yan at the University of Hong Kong, and currently studies with Dr. Keith Hamel at UBC. He also teaches music theory at Simusique studio in Coquitlam and is assisting Dr. Jesse Read as an Arts Undergraduate Research Assistant in the transcription of baroque music.

Paul enjoys writing in all varieties of contemporary music, and has experience writing for pieces in electroacoustic media and for film. In order to expand his musical vocabulary, Paul is currently a member of the UBC Korean Drumming Ensemble and studies jazz piano with Dr. Fred Stride."

Elliot Vaughan (www.elliotvaughan.com) is currently enrolled in his last class towards a BFA in music at SFU. He is interested in kitsch pop music, subversion, getting bored and giving up, and vulgar misappropriation of musical sensibilities. Most of the music he writes is for theatre and dance pieces. Elliot is a viola player, and enjoys playing new music by friends and old music by strangers either as a soloist or in chamber groups. The End Tree – a band with Aiden Brant-Briscall and Martin Reisle – is where Elliot next intends to put his efforts.

Jared Richardson (www.jared-richardson.com) is a 17-year-old composer from Victoria, BC. He has written over 60 pieces, many of which have been performed by high school bands and other ensembles. He plays piano, and performs regularly at the popular Superior Café. He also plays trombone in the Victoria Youth Orchestra. Jared has received music awards from Reynolds and Spectrum high schools, the Victoria Conservatory of Music, and the BCRMTA. Next year, he plans to study composition at the University of Victoria, and he is interested in a career in film scoring and orchestration.

Jared's first major work (The Elven King) was performed by his high school band in 2007 and last spring, his first orchestral piece (Winds of Kananaskis) was read by the Victoria Symphony. Jared has also been involved in the Symphony's "vsNEW" composer workshop, and the pieces that he wrote for it have won awards at the Victoria Performing Arts Festival. In the spring of 2010, Jared composed a score to a short film that premiered in Victoria. He later wrote an orchestral arrangement of the theme from this soundtrack, "Double Agent," and it is being read by the Victoria Symphony on March 23, 2011.

James O'Callaghan is a quickly emerging composer and sound artist from Vancouver. His music, equally concentrated in acoustic and electroacoustic idioms, attempts to preserve a connection with real-world sound identities and social justice. Added to this are diverse interests influenced by spectralism, musique concrète, Soviet cinematic montage, and Brechtian theatre. James has received several commissions as a composer, sound designer and performer for dance, film and theatre work. His music has been performed across Canada, the USA, New Zealand and Japan. He received his bachelors of music composition (honours) from Simon Fraser University in 2011, and his musical research has been published and presented internationally.

Livia Gho was born and raised in Singapore, and as such has been acquainted with the sounds from both the Eastern and Western world. A Classically trained pianist, she is also proficient in the Chinese zither (Zheng) and the voice. Her formal training in composition began in 2007, under the tutelage of Dr. John Sharpley. She has studied under esteemed teachers such as Jeffrey Ryan, Dorothy Chang, Terence Dawson, and Stephen Chatman and Rodney Sharman. Livia's other musical training came in the form of choral singing, accompanying, and conducting. She has toured and competed in several International Choral Festivals, such as the International Olomouc Choral Competition, Czech Republic and 13th Australian International Music Festival, Sydney. Livia started her very own a capella choir called 'Essonance' at UBC which focuses on contemporary choral works with influences from countless world cultures.

Her compositions have been featured in the Sonic Boom Festival and the West Coast Composers' Symposium 2010. Livia is being sought after as a composer. She was working on a piece under the Visual Voice Research Group (Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre-MAGIC) for Digital Ventriloquized Actors (DIVAs). She has also received commissions to write for orchestras and trailer music for film festivals such as the Vancouver Singapore Film Festival 2010.

Roydon Tse (b. 1991) is a 2nd year Bachelor of Music student majoring in composition at UBC. Originally from Hong Kong, he holds a Diploma from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) for piano performance, and his music has been presented by a number of ensembles such as the Edmonton and Vancouver Symphonies. Mr. Tse was named Young Composer of the Year in 2008 by the ESO and won the 2010 National Student Composers' Competition held by the Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Orchestra.

Roydon is passionate about drawing musical inspiration from seemingly unlikely sources. His favourite place to compose is the kitchen, a domain in which he exhibits a striking propensity for cleanliness and a keen skill for making pork chops, garlic shrimp and his famous red bean dessert. Unlike his music, certain aspects of Roydon's life are incredibly predictable, such as the bowl of oatmeal and hard-boiled egg which he consumes for breakfast 365 days a year. Unusual instruments also play a role in Roydon's musical personality – his favourites are the slide whistle, kazoo and, most recently, the accordion. When he's not writing music, Roydon enjoys a manly game of table tennis with his close friends.

John Kastelic graduated in 2010 from UBC, where he studied music scholarship and composition. His teachers and mentors included Keith Hamel, Giorgio Magnanensi, and David Harding. He is preparing to return to UBC in the fall to pursue a master's degree in viola performance. He tries to keep his musical appetite whetted in as many ways as possible; in addition to viola, he plays violin, electric bass, and drums, and is a member of the Balinese gamelan, Gita Asmara. Along with three dear and super friends, he is a member of the improv band, Dekumpozers Uhv, which emerges from the garage but occasionally to play public shows. He teaches music theory, viola, and violin, and likes to while away the free hours listening to funk, drone metal, psych rock, and all kinds of "contemporary concert music."


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