Little Kids Concerts

Do Re Mi Fa Snow

(28 min) Children ages 0 – 5

The Winter Fairy needs your help to make it snow! Join Teacher Gillian for a festive, fun, interactive concert. Bring something to wave, something to shake, something to tap and something to cuddle.

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Silly Scientist?

(32 min) Children aged 0 – 5

Join Teacher Gillian, The Silly Scientist, as she makes silly musical creations and explores the basic science of sound and the instrument families of the orchestra with the music of Holst, Saint-Saëns, Mendelssohn and more.

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An Alphabet of Songs

(32 min) Children ages 0 – 5

 Did you know that the ABC’s are for more than just words? Join Teacher Gillian, members of the VSO, and the animals of the alphabet in a delightful journey of musical discovery and learning.

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