Maestro Tausk Conducts Mahler’s Sixth

Maestro Tausk Conducts Mahler’s Sixth




Anna Thorvaldsdóttir


Approx. 120 Minute Performance

1 Intermission

“…as good as late romantic music gets, exceptionally crafted and overflowing with philosophical and emotional depth.”  – Read the full article on the Vancouver Sun.

Join Maestro Tausk as he launches the 105th VSO season with a new and evocative work by Anna Thorvaldsdottir, “one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary music” (NPR), and Mahler’s monumental and emotionally charged Sixth Symphony. In describing the piece, his wife Alma said, “No other work came so directly from [Mahler’s] heart as this one.”

This Mahler symphony is dedicated to Ronald L. Cliff, CM, OBC

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