Philharmonia Fantastique: The Making of the Orchestra

Philharmonia Fantastique: The Making of the Orchestra




Approx. 55 Minute Performance

Philharmonia Fantastique: The Making of the Orchestra is a 23-minute multi-media concerto from Grammy-winning composer, Mason Bates in collaboration with a multi-Oscar-winning creative team. The animated film flies through the instruments of the orchestra to explore the fundamental connections between music, sound, performance, creativity and technology.

Guided by a magical Sprite, the film shows violin strings vibrate, brass valves slice air, and drumheads resonate. Imaginatively blending traditional and modern animation styles, it is a kinetic and compelling guide to the orchestra that engagingly illustrates the intricacies of how instruments work individually and collectively to produce such a huge range of sound. By the culmination of the piece, the orchestra has overcome its differences of sections and sound to demonstrate unity from diversity in a spectacular finale.

Try out instruments, learn through games with playful characters, and get in the mood for the music at the VSO School of Music’s interactive PLAYZONE, in the Orpheum lobby before each concert.



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David Bui

David Bui RBC Assistant Conductor

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