Video Games in Concert

Video Games in Concert




World of Warcraft

Sea of Thieves

Hades - No Escape

Witcher III - Lullaby of Woe


Uncharted II

Sogno di Volare

Dragon Age Inquisition

Halo Trilogy

Kingdom Hearts

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II Suite

Resident Evil V: Wesker Battle

Malach, Angel Messenger

The Last of Us: All Gone

Celtic Link

Approx. 120 Minute Performance

1 Intermission

“If you have ever battled wolves at the gates of Draenor or helped Link rescue Princess Zelda then chances are you’ve been moved by the music of Eímear Noone.” —The Times

Award-winning video game music conductor and composer Eímear Noone is bringing us to magical worlds, post-apocalyptic wastelands, Godly labyrinths, and the home of our favourite Disney characters, presented through the gift of gaming.