Your Orpheum Theatre Visit

50-Person Concert Health & Safety Plan


Complete your Health Assessment Questionnaire


We are excited to welcome you back to the historic Orpheum Theatre. Concert format will be a little different as we adjust to our post-pandemic world. All new measures in place help assure the safest possible live music experience. We thank you for your patience and understanding in adapting to these new practices.

  1. A Health Check survey will be emailed to you approximately 24 hours before your performance. Please take a few minutes to go through the questions. If you have an affirmative answer for any of the questions, please do not attend your concert and contact VSO Customer Service.
  2. If a queue forms prior to your concert, please lineup in the designated area and follow the spacing dots posted on the ground.
  3. At every concert you will be required to check in with our Box Office staff. This is how you will be assigned a seat, and how contact tracing will be conducted.
  4. A face mask or face shield must be worn at all times while you are in the Orpheum Theatre. We also recommend wearing your covering if you are queued outside the venue. Removing your covering momentarily to drink personal water is OK.
  5. Seats will be assigned to you and your party upon arrival. This is done in order to assure that a safe distance between parties is maintained during the performance.
  6. Please proceed directly to your seat once you have been checked in. Avoid stopping to chat with other concertgoers.
  7. Please follow the direction of the Orpheum Theatre staff, who will help you locate your assigned seat.
  8. We recommend using the washroom before you arrive at the Orpheum Theatre. Washrooms will be available for use before and after performances. An accessible washroom is available on the 3rd floor via elevator.
  9. Theatre concessions will not be open, nor will the VSO Gift Shop. Thank you for your understanding.
  10. Once your performance has finished, please proceed out of the theatre the way you came in. Please also avoid congregating outside of the theatre after you have exited.