• The VSO 2019 Fall Lottery takes place under BC Gaming License #119302
  • The 50/50 Bonus draw takes place under BC Gaming License #119304

For inquiries related to any tickets purchased, please call 604.684.9100 ext. 254 or email lottery@vancouversymphony.ca





  • Tickets may be sold and purchased only in British Columbia.
  • Ticket purchasers must be 19 years of age or older.

Fall 2019 Lottery:

  • Total value of prizes is $81,222.05 based on Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, including applicable taxes
  • 6,500 tickets are available:
    • 1,600 tickets printed at $40 each
    • 3,000 tickets printed at 3 for $99
    • 1,200 tickets printed at 8 for $200
    • 700 tickets printed at 25 for $500

50/50 Bonus:

  • Total cash prize is half of the gross revenue from 50/50 Bonus ticket sales; maximum prize of $25,225
  • 10,000 tickets are available:
    • 1,000 tickets printed at $10 each
    • 4,800 tickets printed at 5 for $25
    • 3,500 tickets printed at 10 for $40
    • 700 tickets printed at 20 for $70

Sales Cutoff Dates

Early Bird Sales Cutoff: November 19, 2019

Grand Prize Draw and 50/50 Bonus Sales Cutoff: February 11, 2020

Prize Draw Dates and Times

All draws will take place at 4:00 p.m. at the Vancouver Symphony Administration Office, 500-843 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 3L4.  Any person wishing to attend the draws is welcome to do so.

The Early Bird draw is November 22, 2019

The Grand Prize draw and 50/50 Bonus draw is February 14, 2020

Winning and Claiming Prizes

  • All winning tickets will be manually drawn from a barrel.
  • All winners’ names will be published on the Vancouver Symphony Lottery website (vancouversymphony.ca/lottery) within five business days of the draw.
  • Winners consent to the release of their names by the licensee
  • All prizes must be claimed at the location set by the licensee
  • Any travel costs incurred by the winner, in relation to picking up their prize, is the responsibility of the winner
  • All winners will be contacted by telephone, or next available contact information, and notified on how to claim their prize
  • All winners have one year to claim their prize
  • In the event of a winning ticket having more than one name on it, the licensee will issue the prize to any name on the ticket and will not be responsible for any disputes which may arise therein

Tax Information

Prizes are awarded tax free in Canada.  The price of tickets is not deductible as a charitable donation for tax purposes in Canada.


The following persons are prohibited from purchasing tickets: employees of the Vancouver Symphony Society, members of the Vancouver Symphony Society Board of Directors, and members of the Vancouver Symphony Foundation Board of Directors.

All orders received, and paid for, by midnight on the deadline of each draw are eligible for that draw and all draws to be held subsequently in that VSO Lottery.

Ticket purchasers must be 19 years of age or older.  If a winning ticket bears a minor’s name, the prize will be lawfully delivered on behalf of the minor to the minor’s parent, legal guardian or trustee.

Tickets may be sold and purchased only in British Columbia.  A non-resident in British Columbia may purchase a ticket only if the entire payment transaction takes place while the person is in British Columbia and if the ticket or a receipt is issued at that time.


Please note that credit cards may not be charged right away.  It may take up to two weeks to process your card and issue your ticket(s).  All tickets purchased before the deadline of a draw will be included in that draw.


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All ticket purchasers acknowledge and accept the above terms