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The VSO receives media coverage in many communities and languages throughout Vancouver, across Canada, and in the USA, UK and Asia. The VSO has been covered in arts, music, business, news, people, film, fashion, and sports sections!

Press coverage has let the public get to know our orchestra, guest artists, music, and old and new composers-encouraging people to come out to experience live classical music, as well as nourishing continued interest in time-honoured works of human achievement and expression.

2016-2017 Concert Season Featured Articles and Press

2014-2015 Concert Season Featured Articles and Press

Articles from the VSO's U.S. West Coast Tour:

Articles from the 2012/13 Season:

Articles from the 2010/11 Season:

Articles from the 2009/10 Season:

Articles from the VSO's Central-Canada Tour:

Articles from the 2008 Asia-Pacific tour:

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