The Vancouver Symphony Orchestral Institute

The VSOI is a world-class summer music program offering students, aged 14-28, a one-of-a-kind experience through three exciting, inspirational opportunities. The VSOI faculty is comprised of VSO musicians and led by Maestro Otto Tausk, Music Director of the VSO.

Meet Our Faculty

Our exceptional VSOI faculty are members of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra as well as faculty members at the VSO School of Music and UBC School of Music.

Otto Tausk, VSO Music Director, Conducting

Jonathan Girard, Conducting

Marcus Goddard, Composition

Christie Reside, Flute

Roger Cole, Oboe

Jenny Jonquil, Clarinet

Julia Nolan, Saxophone

Julia Lockhart, Bassoon

Sophie Dansereau, Bassoon

Oliver de Clercq, French Horn

Andrew Mee, French Horn

Larry Knopp, Trumpet

Brian Wendel, Trombone

Ilan Morgenstern, Bass Trombone

Peder MacLellan, Tuba

Alyssa Katahara, Harp

Timothy Steeves, Violin

David Lakirovich, Violin

Henry Shapard, Cello

Dylan Palmer, Bass

Evan Hulbert, Bass