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Kazuyoshi Akiyama

Kazuyoshi Akiyama conductor laureate

"Whenever conductor emeritus Kazuyoshi Akiyama returns to Syracuse, performances tend to exhibit an extra spark and zing. It's almost like a group of students placed before a onetime teacher, all eager to show that they remember the lessons they have learned. Akiyama is the kind of conductor that can take us all back to school." —The Post-Standard - Saturday April 17, 2004

Kazuyoshi Akiyama has had long-standing relationships with the leading orchestras of Japan and now serves as Principal Conductor of the Hiroshima
Symphony and also the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra. The Tokyo Symphony has
honored him with the title of Conductor Laureate. He has also been Music Director of the Syracuse Symphony and the Vancouver Symphony

Maestro Akiyama is the recipient of numerous citations, including the Suntory Music Award, the Kyoto Music Award, the Mainichi Arts Award, and the Arts Encouragement Prize of the Minister of Education. In 2001, he was awarded the Emperor’s Purple Ribbon Medal from the Japanese Government for his outstanding contribution to the country’s musical culture.

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