Privacy Policy

The Vancouver Symphony is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information. The information you or your family provide to us is used to help us in our subscription and fundraising campaigns, to process your concert ticket orders and to provide receipts for your donations.

We ensure that our purposes for collecting information are relevant. These include:

  • To understand who our subscribers and/or donors are and how we may improve our services to meet their preferences and expectations.
  • To process concert ticket or lottery ticket orders or donations, for example, to process a credit card transaction, to issue and deliver your tickets or donation tax receipt.
  • To keep our supporters’ listings current and accurate.
  • To recognize a contribution.
  • To register your attendance at a concert or other event.
  • To respond to your information requests.

We respect your right to be removed from any or all of our mail, email, or telephone campaigns.

  • We obtain prior donor consent to acknowledge them in recognition materials.
  • We neither reveal nor exchange the names of donors who have requested anonymity.
  • We may, on occasion, exchange the names and addresses of subscribers and ticket purchasers with a select group of compatible Arts organizations in order to benefit our respective campaigns. We respect your right to have your name withheld from all mailing list exchanges.
  • You always have the opportunity to decline receiving further communication from us by contacting Customer Service at 604.876.3434.

We continually review and improve methods of how subscriber and donor information is shared and stored.

  • Hard copy files of specific donor/subscriber information are kept under lock and key.
  • Our computer systems are secure and protect donor and/or subscriber information from public view. Our web site also uses a secure server to obtain your personal information for donations and/or registration. We respect your right to view (only) your own personal file.

We welcome inquiries and appreciate feedback about how we can improve our service to our donors and subscribers.

For further information or to register personal information changes, please contact:

Cameron MacRae, Privacy Officer
VP, Sale and Marketing

500 – 833 Seymour Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6B 0G4
Phone: 604.684.9100 ext 225