Meet the Orchestra


2018-2019 SEASON – Pictures and biographies coming soon

OTTO TAUSK, Music Director
BRAMWELL TOVEY, Music Director Emeritus
KAZUYOSHI AKIYAMA, Conductor Laureate

WILLIAM ROWSON, Associate Conductor – Marsha and George Taylor Chair
JOCELYN MORLOCK, Composer-in-Residence – Marnie Carter Chair

First Violins

Nicholas Wright, Concertmaster – Ron and Ardelle Cliff Chair
Timothy Steeves, Associate Concertmaster – William and Irene McEwen Chair
David Lakirovich, Assistant Concertmaster – Robert G. and Suzanne Brodie Chair
Jennie Press, Second Assistant Concertmaster
Jae-Won Bang
Mary Sokol Brown, Mrs. Cheng Koon Lee Chair
Jenny Essers
Akira Nagai, Associate Concertmaster Emeritus
Xue Feng Wei
Rebecca Whitling
Yi Zhou

Second Violins

Jason Ho, Principal
Karen Gerbrecht, Associate Principal – Jim and Edith le Nobel Chair
Jeanette Bernal-Singh, Assistant Principal
Cassandra Bequary
Adrian Shu-On Chui
Daniel Norton
Ann Okagaito
Ashley Plaut


Victor de Almeida, Principal
Andrew Brown, Associate Principal
Stephen Wilkes, Assistant Principal
Tegen Davidge
Matthew Davies, Estelle and Michael Jacobson Chair
Emilie Grimes, Dr. Malcolm Hayes and Lester Soo Chair
Angela Schneider, Professors Mr. and Mrs. Ngou Kang Chair


Vacant, Principal, Nezhat and Hassan Khosrowshahi Chair
Janet Steinberg, Associate Principal
Zoltan Rozsnyai, Assistant Principal
Olivia Blander, Gerhard and Ariane Bruendl Chair
Natasha Boyko, Mary and Gordon Christopher Chair
Charles Inkman
Luke Kim
Cristian Márkos, Tim Wyman and Susan Gabe Chair


Dylan Palmer, Principal
Evan Hulbert, Associate Principal
Noah Reitman, Assistant Principal
David Brown
J. Warren Long
Frederick Schipizky


Christie Reside, Principal
Chris James, Assistant Principal
Rosanne Wieringa, Michael and Estelle Jacobson Chair


Chris James, Hermann and Erika Stölting Chair


Roger Cole, Principal – Wayne and Leslie Ann Ingram Chair
Beth Orson, Assistant Principal
Karin Walsh, Paul Moritz Chair

English horn

Beth Orson, Chair in Memory of John S. Hodge


Jeanette Jonquil, Principal – Robert G. and Suzanne Brodie Chair
§ Alexander Morris, Assistant Principal – Taryn Brodie Chair
Michelle Goddard
Aidan Wong

E-flat clarinet

Michelle Goddard

Bass clarinet

§ Alexander Morris


Julia Lockhart, Principal
Sophie Dansereau, Assistant Principal
Gwen Seaton


Sophie Dansereau

French horns

Oliver de Clercq, Principal
Russell Rybicki, Werner and Helga Höing Chair
David Haskins, Associate Principal
Andrew Mee, Winslow and Betsy Bennett Chair
Richard Mingus, Assistant Principal


Larry Knopp, Principal
Marcus Goddard, Associate Principal
Vincent Vohradsky, W. Neil Harcourt in memory of Frank N. Harcourt Chair


Brian Wendel, Principal

Bass trombone

Ilan Morgenstern, Arthur H. Willms Family Chair


Peder MacLellan, Principal


Aaron McDonald, Principal


Vern Griffiths, Principal – Martha Lou Henley Chair
Michael Jarrett
Tony Phillipps

Piano, celeste

Linda Lee Thomas, Principal


§ Leave of Absence