Image China: East/West Symphonic Concert

Image China: East/West Symphonic Concert




Opera Life from Dance Drama “Opera Warriors”

Fang Ming

Canada Mosaic Suite: Introduction and 3 Follk Songs

Jean Coulthard

Pipa Concerto No.2

Zhao Jiping

Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto

Chen Gang and He Zhanhao

Non più andrai

W.A. Mozart

On the Field of Hope

Shi Guangnan/Xiaoguang

All I Ask of You from “The Phantom of the Opera

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Approx. 120 Minute Performance

1 Intermission

East meets West in this symphonic celebration, Maestra Tong Chen 陈同, leads the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (VSO), featuring renowned soloists Wu Man 吴蛮, Pipa; Hao Jiang Tian 田浩江, Bass; Yi-Jia Susanne Hou 侯以嘉, Violin; Raquel Suarez Groen, Soprano, showcasing groundbreaking works by acclaimed Chinese and Canadian composers: Zhao Jiping, Chen Gang, He Zhanhao, Shi Guangnan, Fang Ming, W.A. Mozart, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jean Coulthard.

Join world’s premier pipa virtuoso, Wu Man in the intimate atmosphere of Pyatt Hall for a pipa masterclass, as this ambassador for Chinese music coaches pipa students and shares her artistry in front of an audience.

Wednesday November 23, 7-8:30pm
Pyatt Hall, VSO School of Music
This is a free, live event with no advance booking necessary.
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